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Thank You!

Thanks to every single volunteer, donor, business, and partner who helped make this impossible dream a reality! The Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park is open and available for all to enjoy!

This is your chance to become a part of the exciting new Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park at Frank L Bowser school. All money raised from now on goes towards our maintenance fund. For $250 or more you can sponsor a fence board for the Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park while quantities are available.

Click here to sponsor a fence board.

Anne Schofield

Honorary Co-chair

Mike Jenkins

Campaign Cabinet Chair

Colin Kennedy-Robichaud

Honorary Co-chair

Our Upgraded New Park

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The original All World Super Play Park was made entirely from wood, and the fantastic design and construction of the park allowed it to live on for 25 years.

The new park is made to look like the original build, but made of 100% recycled, construction-grade plastic. This is extremely low maintenance, fire retardant environmentally friendly, and will ensure a longevity of at least 50 years.

A huge component of the new design is inclusivity and accessibility. We consulted many professional associations to seek their guidance and expertise, including a number of societies that deal primarily with accessibility issues.

The new design includes:

⦁ A wheelchair-accessible outdoor classroom

• Wheelchair-accessible safety surfaces, ramps
and roundabouts

⦁ Ability swings

• Sign language and braille embedded into the park

• Sensory play

⦁ Buddy benches

⦁ And much more!

The entirely wooden structure has
endured for nearly a quarter century,
but it is clear that the time for its replacement has come.
The wear and tear is extensive, and the structure is no longer sound.

Hon. Frank McKenna

Honorary co-chair + Donor

Campaign Cabinet Members

The Rebecca Schofield All World
Super Play Park

Since the very initial planning stages of this project, it was always our desire to name the brand new All World Super Play Park after Becca.

Becca was an alumna of Frank L. Bowser Elementary, home of the All World Super Play Park, and we wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the young woman whose kindness continues to inspire millions. She always loved this playground, spending countless hours here as a child making memories, forging friendships, and spending time with her family.

When we approached Darren & Anne Schofield, not only were they deeply moved that we chose to honour Becca in this way, but they were convinced that it’s what she would have wanted. Becca believed in paying it forward, and this new park will be a tremendous gift to the children of our communities for generations to come.

By keeping the original name of the All World Super Play Park, we wanted to pay tribute to all those who came together to build the original park, and respect the memories of all those who have enjoyed it over the years, while also honouring the legacy of a young lady who made the world around her that much brighter.

“Some of Becca’s best memories were made in this park. It was a place. we came to spend time with family, make friends, and be happy.

When I think about what her reaction would be if she could see the new park, and that it’s accessible for even more kids to be able to enjoy it, I can see the big smile on her face. It’s what she mould have wanted..

– Anne Schofield

Thank you!

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This project has changed the lives of the children of the tri-communities by supporting imagination, play, friendship, and commitment to an active lifestyle.

This update has ensured the magic of the All World Super Play Park will be kept alive for generations to come.

“To know that other kids will come here and play at Becca’s park is very exciting, and we’re very honoured. It’s a reminder to be kind, which is all she ever wanted for people. Rebecca’s legacy will live on.”

– Anne Schofield

The Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park has the full support and endorsement of Ability New Brunswick and Para New Brunswick